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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Work for Friday 11th December Period 4 - 6

Sorry I have to go to an exam board meeting today.
I've posted the practical project guide which you should read through.
If you are making a film, you should write your 200 word proposal outlining your ideas for a film sequence and draw up a shooting schedule.
If you want to write a film script, you need to also write a 200 word proposal and check out how to set the script out correctly.
I am assuming you have almost finished the film project you began two weeks ago, but four of you may still have some editing to do.
Finally, you have more work to continue with on those presentation scripts. If  you are in, Sophie, you'll find some hand outs on presentation scripts in the A2 Film Studies box near the cupboard in EM3. Alex will help you find the ones I gave out on Wednesday.
See you next week
Mrs Sims

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